To All Our Valued Customers:


CoolPass is no longer selling carbon offsets and is no longer a member of the American Carbon Registry (ACR).


However, all carbon offsets purchased directly or indirectly through CoolPass remain listed on the American Carbon Registry –


If you visit their registry at you can view projects, offsets, etc.

The ACR requires that all accounts holding carbon offsets be marked as either “private” or “public.” If marked as “public” you (and anyone else) will be able to directly view your holdings. If they are marked as private, you cannot view them online. Based on the way the ACR is set up, these are the only two current options.

In order to protect privacy, all offset holdings have been marked as private, and therefore not viewable by the public, unless we have been provided written instructions to make them public. If you would like your offset holdings to be made public, please email us at If you would like your offset holdings to remain private, but would like a registry report confirming your holdings, please email us at

You may continue to hold onto your carbon offsets, sell or transfer them, or retire them. We cannot assist you with a sale. ACR requires that offsets can only be sold or transferred to another ACR account holder although offsets can be retired directly in an offset holder’s account / subaccount on his/her own behalf or on behalf of a beneficiary third party. ( You can request that a current ACR account holder create a subaccount for you or for anyone to whom you want to transfer offsets. Those companies who have elected to be named as ACR account holders are listed in the public reports section of the ACR registry website. If you would like to transfer or retire your offsets, please email us at

It has come to our attention that some of our customers have been solicited and are being told that we are in bankruptcy and being liquidated. These statements are inaccurate and false. We have also been notified by our customers that they have been solicited to either buy more offsets or pay a tax or purchase a bond in order to sell their CoolPass holdings. We at CoolPass do not recommend sending any funds to any company who solicits you for any of these requests. Please forward to us any information regarding any of these sales tactics to and we will forward this information to the proper authorities.